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Peace of Mind Charter: businesses and tourism professionals in Greater Lyon are committed to looking after visitors in a sustainable way.

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2021 Peace of Mind Charter

Following the disturbances to the tourism sector caused by the Covid-19 health crisis, we, as tourism professionals and businesses, must reassure visitors to the city.

In order to ensure that our visitors enjoy peace of mind at each step of their stay or during their business trip, ONLYLYON Tourism and Conventions and Greater Lyon wanted to deploy a charter of commitments that ensures compliance with health requirements, jointly signed by all of the stakeholders involved.

Who can be a signatory to this charter?

  1. Tourist accommodation providers
  2. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice-cream parlours, etc.
  3. Cultural and leisure activity providers
  4. Tourism service providers
  5. Seminar and convention venues
  6. Transport providers
  7. Businesses welcoming tourists


  1. In order to reassure international, national, regional and local visitors concerning the commitment of professionals and the application of new Covid-19-related health protocols.
  2. With a specific logo, visitors will be able to identify signatory establishments throughout the destination of Greater Lyon.

The commitment of signatories

  1. To guarantee the health and safety of customers/visitors in their establishments by implementing and ensuring the application of directives and recommendations given by the public authorities in order to fight against Covid-19, including the following in particular:
    // Health protocols applicable at national level and in professional sectors
    // Social distancing rules and recommended virus prevention measures
  2. Inform customers/visitors about specific measures implemented in your establishment.

Enable the identification of establishments that have made a commitment by using the “Peace of Mind” identity on their communication media and within establishments.


Make a commitment alongside us

Sign the charter

We reserve the right to terminate this commitment charter with any signatory should we become aware of a failure to carry out their commitments.
ONLYLYON Tourism may not be held liable in the event of failure by a signatory establishment to respect the commitments of this charter.